14th Venice Architecture Biennial. Italian Pavilion. The TERZO

exhibition 2014

The Terzo: a cemetery for all religions

Italian Pavilion Innesti/Graftings curated by Cino Zucchi – 14th International Architecture Exhibition: La Biennale di Venezia

(2030) EXPOst.Tracing possible futures

Silvia Ciacci and Nicola Campri




The third, after the Monumentale and the Maggiore, situated along the north west railway line, the Terzo is the city’s new cemetery, symbol of contemporary Milan and its vast area, inhabited by the citizens from every country in the world. The Terzo is designed a park that represents the monumental characteristics of Milan’s historic cemeteries in the wider context of the Po Valley, responding to the need for new burial sites and Public spaces. The pre existing geography- canal, hill, lake – defines the closed circuit surrounded by the ring road network. This is associated with a linear plan- hill, embankment, forest- that shifts the point of view along the line of the main axis. A raised pathway 1km long, 12m high, with a sequence of porticos, cloisters and architectural volumes at ground level defines and measures out the spaces assigned to different religions- representing an ideal line that passes through a continuous landscape that embodies the relationship of man and nature with respect to different cultures and faiths.

YellowOffice, corso Indipendenza 14, 20129 Milano