Atelier Castello. A new vision for Piazza Castello


competition promoter:
Municipality of Milan

Piuarch (invited firm), Luca Molinari, Leftloft, Dario Musolino, Francesca Canti

Invited Competition



Our proposal is meant to consider different phases and a larger urban context instead of being focused only on the pedestrian area in front of the castle. We look at the entire system starting from the idea that the uncertain character of Piazza Castello is the result of a yet undefined relationship between spaces and functions at a larger urban scale. If we consider these urban relationships in a permanent way we could able to have a real influence on the quality of the examined areas. For these reasons we’ll not propose temporary interventions, in- becoming works or partial solutions oriented to fill an empty space. Our aim is to redefine the general balances, adding values to the surroundings spaces working on the civic, social, functional and economic issues. So, it’s not necessary to overlap new contents on Piazza Castello, otherwise it’s necessary to reinforce the relationships between what is already present on this specific urban context. We don’t want to introduce temporary activities imported by others cities, following the typology of the global culture, we want to stay close to the specificity of the Milan area. We don’t want to do a collage of interventions but we aim to share a clear vision not only for Piazza Castello but for its larger area and a possible strategy for the entire city.

YellowOffice, corso Indipendenza 14, 20129 Milano