Daily Code Vegetation

Appartamento Lago, via Brera 31 – Brera Design District

Cooking Vegetation
Dressing Vegetation
Framing Vegetation
Wallpaper Blossiming People
Framing Windows
Bike Packs
Fossil Potteries

2011 – fuorisalone

The Daily Code Vegetation collection comes from the idea of associating the vegetation in all daily activities that mark our days. Dressing, cooking, playing, cycling… The relationship with nature becomes a scale of one to one ratio, consistent relationship with the natural world from the privacy of your home. The concept of the living design symbol of “Appartamento LAGO” is here today declined in relation to the need for increased and ongoing relationship with nature, otherwise not easily usable in highly man-made landscape of our cities.

YellowOffice, corso Indipendenza 14, 20129 Milano