Chicago Architecture Biennial: Durana Lot 1

exhibition 2015

exhibition promoter:
Chicago Architecture Biennial, curated by Joseph Grima and Sarah Herda

PIOVENEFABI, Stefano Graziani


Chicago, USA

photos exhibition:
Bas Princen


Three territorial sections perpendicular to the valley has been taken into consideration. All of them cut an artificial lake, cross the road and the railway and end at the Tirana River. Despite their common features they are deeply different in their nature. They represent a way to read the context, to reinforce it and to propose projects able to create connections among its elements, enlarging its ambitions. These three sections put in relationship the different infrastructure lines, providing at the same time occasions for public projects. The sections are case studies of a broader system which would structure a future public city. The focus project is the reinforcement of the park program on Kashar Lake. While activities on the lake are already starting to be organized by a small economic business, the area still lacks boat deposits, swimming lanes, piers, showers, changing rooms, diving boards. The infrastructure could, on one side, connect to the new liquid park and, on the other, to the city. Activities as sailing, rowing, hiking, biking, diving, swimming are foreseen.

YellowOffice, corso Indipendenza 14, 20129 Milano