La Metamorfosi

open competition

competition promoter:
Municipality of Turin

baukuh, MARC

Ingeo Associati, M.P.I .Group,
Studio T.T.A

movie design:
Ooby Maior

Emanuele Bobbio


work stages:
open competition, two mentions


Our project aims to enhance the activation of a new system of vehicular and pedestrian axis that does not coincide with its path. The connection provided by the new metro line makes it unnecessary any emphasis on pedestrian connection between the Spina 4 and the scalo Vanchiglia. It would be more interesting to build a more complex urban balance, finding hidden figures within a geography at all obvious. The green areas included in the three project areas are of four types: private gardens and orchards included in the urban boulevards, extensive green areas, productive and traditional English parks.
This system of green spaces at different scales is measured by the landscape that enter inside the city, and by that one is intertwined with the urban project.
Orchards, gardens and paths correspond to the geography of artificial streets of the town. The urban green production (poplar plantations for the production of plant biomass) corresponds to the cultures of Turin countryside. Parks with English design correspond to the system of urban parks and holding of Savoy.
The green system down so many relationships with the city and the territory, revealing a subtle and complex network of new relationships.



YellowOffice, corso Indipendenza 14, 20129 Milano