Po River Piers


competition promoter:
District of Reggio Emilia
Reggio Emilia Landscape Biennal 2009

Barreca & LaVarra

Anna Comi

Nature Mood

open competition

first prize

Po river


Po river is at the center of one of the most infrastructured and lived metroplitan areas in Europe. Together with the A4 motorway, Po marks the landscape of the Po Valley. Po and A4 may represent this great city. Around the Po we can recognize and appreciate the great environmental systems of the parks, the tributaries of the oasis, the places where it has been protected and promoted the repopulation of species and biodiversity. The Po is all this already but still can more effectively assume the role of landscape construction that does not concern only the environmental but also social behavior.
The tape is marked by countless A4 motorway which allow the stop, pause, rest, rest, imagine that along the Po install similar resting places that provide access to a natural environment and to share our time with the well as the place and the practices that can be done can give us. The process of naturalization of certain parts of the territory abandoned or disposed of, will have a parallel in specific places where re-naturalise our behavior, our ways of being together and sharing space, where to get a relationship with nature and with his incessant evolution.

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