Promenade de Cretes


competition promoter:
Republique et Canton de Geneve

temporary association with:

One Works, M.I.C.

Open Competition

fourth prize

GĂ©neve, Switzerland


The area of Carouge and Lancy appears today as an eterogenous place, a collage of disconnected and different urban fabrics, residential neighborhoods, sport facilities, parks, industrial areas, railways. But each piece of land has his own dignity and beauty. The project does not modify any surface but intervenes with lines and points. Lines link the disconnected system of parks and the different urban fabrics, while points reveal the potential of strategic places. Lines follow the direction of the railways, exploiting the potential of topography, crossing obstacles when necessary.
Points grow from the intersection of lines and landscape, when the latter needs to be revealed with contextual interventions on different scales. Lines are two red-colored asphalt paths which run over the area, parallel to the railways: a fast bike path and a mixed pedestrian/bike path. When crossing obstacles, lines become white metal structures: catwalks, ramps, bridges. Points are a series of micro-public spaces: a net-labyrinth, a swing-row, a bleach, a space for the wind-catcher, the new school trees square, the station square, the belvederes, fields of lamps, orientation signs, benches, tables, barbecues.

YellowOffice, corso Indipendenza 14, 20129 Milano