Childhood Pavilion


competition promoter:
Municipality of Milan

PIOVENEFABI, SCE Project, Luca Gattoni (Mutability), Andrej Mikuz

International Design Competition




The childhood Pavillion is a park extension dedicated to disability but not reserved for it. The new pavillion aims to be a place for interaction and not for isolation. Therefore, it is possibile to regulate the entries and the permeability in order to receive not only disabled children, but also external users at some specific time during the day.

The area assigned to the childhood Pavillion seems to be like an urban room defined by building walls and railings that encolse it. Moreover, the big residential buildings together with extended infrastructures proximity creates an idea of the area like a small urban interior.

The project creates a new frame between the pavillion and other buildings rethinking the existing limits and places. Recognizing that a new childhood Pavillion has to be an experimentation place for children and relatives, the boundary between the inner and the external space is intentionally ambiguous. For this reason, the entire project area is a sequence of rooms with a unique colored pavement and a playground splitted into various rooms.

Moving partitions which divide rooms around a central core develop the flexibility of the ground level. The building is an overlapping of volumes generated by geometric shapes where the ground floor, caracterized by a perimetre of piloties, is opened and permeable while the others, are introverts and compacts.

The design considers various disabilities: motoric, sensorial and cognitive. The coplanarity and the use of ramps solve the motoric disability. The different colors of the pavements solve the sensorial disability. In this case, studing the contrast of colors to mediate needs of partially-sighted children with others with cognitive disabilities.

YellowOffice, corso Indipendenza 14, 20129 Milano