Mulberry Collector – Silk Road Map

open competition

competition promoter:
Newitalianblood, OICE, C_I_A_O



Rome – Xian


YO collaborators:
Silvia Ciacci, Matteo Manca

movie design:
Lucio Lapietra 

“Mulberry collector” is a web device for the collection and transfer of digital data (images).

It ‘impossible to define an imaginary one of the vast territory crossed by the Silk Road. That’s why the Silk Road historically became a symbol of trip. A personal journey that is and can be reported and described respect to a unique experience, the experience of travelers. The photographs, that documenting the journey, are uploaded and then  processed by “Malberry collector” to develop a personal map of the Silk Road. The map is represented as a huge collection of stamps that illustrate well the photo and description of what is photographed  also the exact geographical coordinates. This network of different maps that describe possible scenarios of the Silk Road will be broadcast in stations and trains of the future high speed.The selection of stamps is to emphasize the complexity of the territory crossed by the Silk Road. Pictures, becoming stamps, takes a strong character of  identification in a specific place.  It becomes a stop, precise and detailed. It reports and  summarizes the message that the traveler wants to convey in relation to his own journey on the Silk Road. This makes it possible to overwrite a map that tells of specific place with precises geographical coordinates. The story of the journey becomes a story that talks about specific points in a territory deeply extended. It is about a kind of creation that tells  about an imaginary and direct experience. It then describes a “time” really lived. Once you have chosen to live it. The relationship between selected time (the trip) and altered time (high speed) is very strcit. This report sees in the network of Malberry collector the possibility, through maps, to tell about  what coul be silk road to the future high speed users who are going through the territory.

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